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If you are looking for the top tattoo shop in Dickinson, ND, look no further than Body Temple Tattoo. We specialize in portrait, lettering, color, cover-ups and custom tattoos, with more than seven years of experience. We have been providing clients from all across the state of North Dakota with quality tattoos for nearly a decade and have the testament of our many loyal fans and clients by our site!

There are many great tattoo artists in North Dakota, which is why we are so proud to be among the top-rated parlors in the area. We love what we do, and it is a true passion, which ensures our clients that they are receiving our best possible work at all times. We have a modern facility which uses state-of-the-art autoclaves and sterilization procedures to ensure the safest methods at all times.

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At Body Temple Tattoo in Dickinson, ND, we know how special and personal a tattoo is. We work hard to offer a wide range of styles in order to provide you with whatever it is you have in mind. We have over 7 years of experience and our tattoo shop goes the extra mile to provide you with exceptional work across all categories of tattoo.


Tattoo Cover Ups

Do you have an old tattoo that needs help? Here at Body Temple Tattoo we have tattoo artists that are experts in cover-ups. We can offer you creative and complete solutions to turn your old faded or poorly executed tattoo in a piece of beautiful artwork. Contact us for a free tattoo consultation.


Color Tattoos

Body Temple Tattoo is a top tattoo shop in Dickinson, ND, offering high quality color tattoos from some very talented artists. Our custom color tattoos stand out and are some of the most requested pieces, thanks to the skill, dedication, and creative aesthetic of our tattoo artists. Whether you have a photo, drawing, or idea in your head, we can give you the opportunity to make it a reality with one of our talented tattoo artists. Let us help you get the color tattoo of your dreams.




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Please hit us up if you are interested in getting a tattoo.

We can answer all your questions.